Why you should choose npower energy

As one of the biggest energy suppliers in the UK, npower has much to offer its customers in terms of low prices, greener energy and efficient service. npower manages and operates economical oil, gas and coal-fired power stations, as well as creating new technologies for the production of renewable energy. The company serves business and residential consumers, and offers environmentally friendly electricity that doesn’t cost the planet, or you, anything extra.

New online Tariff

npower hometeam 50

You could enjoy greater care for your central heating repairs as well as annual boiler services by switching to npower hometeam 50. Whether you choose to care for just your boiler and controls or for your central heating system too, including radiators, valves, pipe work and hot water cylinder, you can find cash-back opportunities with npower hometeam 50, which could prove a more affordable option for central heating and boiler care.

  • Home energy plans

    Sign Online 20 - No fuss, simple and straight forward electricity & gas from Britain’s brightest energy company. You could save up to £255 off your energy bills if you switch to npower’s online tariff and pay by monthly Direct Debit.*

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  • Business energy plans

    npower business is dedicated to helping UK businesses use energy more efficiently & therefore spend less money on their bills. npower aim to have a positive impact on the communities served.

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  • Servicing & Installations

    hometeam 50 - A new way to care for your boiler and central heating system & you could enjoy the added extra of 50% No Call Out Cash-back** npower hometeam are on hand to give your boiler all the care and attention it needs.

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nPower Juice - Green Energy

Several greener energy sources contribute to npower’s Juice, most of it wind-generated, and it costs the same as standard npower energy. The company is one of the market leaders in greener energy sources, and plays an important part in making more greener energy available, with constant investments in new, feasible projects. npower supplies a number of businesses with renewable energy, even though it is in short supply, and is committed to increasing the amount of green energy it produces. more info